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My name is Tomi Szabo, and I'm a film and commercial editor for over 15 years. 

I have a wide scale of experience from Hollywood studio features to world wide commercial campaigns. Please visit my contact site to get more information


The idea of the Post Show was born in London in 2018 when I was sitting in the audience at Edit Fest. I wanted to create an event for our profession where we can meet and get to know each other better over a glass of beer. Since then, we have held 3 sold-out Post Shows, and most recently Oscar-winning editor Joe Walker was the guest of the evening.


"This self-awareness process is deepened by Larry's empathetic editing technique, which praises the work of Tomi Szabó. Jump cuts accompany the continuous noise and stuttering in the head of the traumatized protagonist. This solution often breaks even the smallest movements of Benett Vilmányi and surprisingly amplifies the turmoil characteristic of his character. . But as the protagonist, who is becoming more and more likeable, faces his trauma more and more bravely, so do the jump cuts. And the self-expression of the climax frees Ádám's soul with a long shot, that is, without cutting."

"Larry is the strongest Hungarian film debut in recent years"

- -


"Our Ladies, then, is a must-see riot of girl power and teen spirit that redefines how girls get to have sex and talk about sexuality on screen. A glowing school report on behalf of Scottish and British cinema, it’s definitely one to watch when it appears on general release."
- Sight and Sound -

"It’s also moving, and anchored for emotional depth in the persona of its central character Orla (Tallulah Greive)..
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